Green Resolutions

2016 Green Resolutions

2016 Green Resolutions


By: Aaron Newport

Many people make resolutions at the beginning of the New Year to be a better person in one way or another. With most people this day and age being very concerned with the environment for our future generations, a large number of those resolutions are to be more green or sustainable. Here are some great green resolutions you can apply to your everyday life.


  1. Of course there is the traditional reduce, reuse, recycle. There are many ways you can reduce your waste by buying and using reusable items. Bring a thermos from home to fill with coffee from Starbucks, or even make it your self. Buy a water bottle from any convenient or department store, instead of buying bottled water and throwing all those plastic bottles away. Buy the reusable grocery bags, as opposed to wasting dozens of plastic bags every time you go to the store. And what you do have to throw away, recycle what you can. Know what your city’s recycling procedures are and take the time to do your part, our planet is worth it! Here is a recycling 101 course to check out.


  1. Use less energy by simply not leaving lights on at home, keep the temperature of your house at a reasonable level, and don’t leave TVs or computers on when not in the room. Here is a list of 100 ways to save energy at home.


  1. Conserve water by doing some very simple things. Don’t let the water run while shaving or brushing your teeth, take shorter showers, and try dry cleaning at an eco-friendly dry cleaner. Here is a list of 100 ways to conserve water.


  1. Bike or walk to work. Of course this is within reason. If you work 10+ miles from home, it may not be feasible. But if you can, and weather permitting, do. Here is why.


  1. Donate; clothes, furniture, kitchenware, Christmas decorations, anything and everything can be donated. Do not throw out anything you just do not want any more. Find the Goodwill or local donation center nearest you and take your old stuff to them. This way you are not being wasteful and someone in need can benefit from your hand-me-downs.


There are hundreds of green resolutions you can make to be more sustainable and minimize your carbon footprint in your daily lives. Every time you use a GreenEarth dry cleaner, you are using less energy, less water, and maximizing the life of your garments. GreenEarth Cleaning is 100% environmentally non-toxic and so gentle on clothes that your garments will continue to look brand new. So Happy New Year! Lets make 2016 the year of sustainability. Cheers to a new you and a more sustainable future!

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