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How do EU feel about sustainability now?

How do EU feel about sustainability now?


By: Garry Knox

The EU Referendum in the United Kingdom has seen many allegiances that would never have been considered before and has also caused divisions; even turning lifelong friendships frosty.

As a result of what is called the vote for BRExit (to leave), the currency and stock markets have suffered, although are showing some signs of small recovery and the political parties are in a state of shock with the Prime Minister having resigned and the leader of opposition hanging on by the skin of his teeth (at the time this blog was written!).

But what will the effects be on the Environment and Sustainability?

Whilst a large amount of European law is ingrained in UK legislation and any unraveling of legislation will take at least 2 years (if it happens at all in some cases), there are concerns from different experts and political parties about what will become of the UK’s stance on recent achievements.

Being in the European Union has seen the standards of Britain’s beaches improve, the banning of Bee killing pesticides and gained protection for endangered habitats… but keeping this in place would require full governmental commitment.

The UK’s Green Party has representation in the European Parliament and also in the UK Parliament. Caroline Lucas who is an MP for the UK parliament, has gone on record saying:

“This decision could be devastating for the environment. The EU has been at the forefront of global action on climate change and Britain has been leading that push. Today’s decision not only undermines our standing in the international community, but represents a huge gamble with our own green energy targets and performance. The Government has to urgently demonstrate that it will remain resolutely committed to the agreement made in Paris in December and to its national obligations under the Climate Change Act.”

Only time will tell what the effects of this decision to leave the EU will be but it could be wide reaching, not only for the economy but for the environment too.



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