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Ablitt’s Named On Top Cleaners List in America
Santa Barbara Company scoreshigh marks for service, quality and environmental effort
John Palminteri, KEYT NewsChannel 3 Senior Reporter,


Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners and Launderers (Ablitt’s) of Santa Barbara, CA has been selected for the seventh year as one of America’s Best Cleaners (ABC) for 2014. ABC is a national organization that recognizes the best dry cleaning establishments in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. In order to be selected, Ablitt’s had to meet strict criteria.

In order to be accepted as a Full Affiliate of the organization, Ablitt’s was required to undergo on-site inspections by certified ABC representatives to determine if the company met minimum requirements of cleanliness, machinery equipment, stain removal and finishing quality. As one of only about 30 cleaners certified by ABC for 2014, Ablitt’s will be also required to undergo monthly quality tests and quarterly mystery shopping reports, testing for customer service and quality as part of the most stringent certification in the dry cleaning industry.

“Full Affiliation with ABC, and the associated requirements, gives our customers the assurance that we are fully committed to continually exceeding their expectations of quality and service,” says Ablitt’s owner, Sasha Ablitt.

Ablitt’s has built a reputation as Santa Barbara’s premier drycleaner, says Ablitt. Recognition extends beyond professional associations. The company was awarded both the Santa Barbara Newspress Readers Choice Award for Best Drycleaner (2013) and the Santa Barbara Independent Best Drycleaner Award (2013).

Ablitt’s is a progressive, technologically advanced, environmentally conscious dry cleaner, providing premium garment care and exceptional customer service. The company offers expert spot removal, hand pressing and finishing and thorough, personal inspection of every garment.

The company is one of only seven Green Business Bureau-certified drycleaners in the state of California, and has made strides this year to minimize their impact on the environment. In addition to employing environmentally-friendly Green Earth cleaning technology, the company increased recycling this year by installing dual receptacles for waste and recycling in production areas and installing a plastic bailer to recycle plastic. These measures enabled Ablitt’s to reduce trash output by over 70%.

The company also partnered with Gas Pods, to test a new product that, when attached to a vehicle with magnet or adhesive, changes the air flow, creating less drag and increasing mileage. Gas Pods were attached to Ablitt’s Concierge Vehicles and testing showed a reduction in fuel expenditures. In addition, Ablitt’s works with SafeLaunch Bag Alliance, which promotes the use and reuse of environmentally-friendly, safe cotton bags.

ABC’s founder, Ed D’Elicio, commended Ablitt’s for its cutting-edge technology, and stressed the importance of such attributes in the selection process, an essential component in sustaining ABC’s relationship with the fashion and garment industry, which has taken notice of the accreditation organization’s ability to act as a liaison between high-end clothiers, cleaners and clients.

“ABC works closely with some of today’s leading fashion designers and retailers,” said D’Elicio. “Our certification process offers the manufacturers of high-end couture a level of security and convenience when it comes to care and maintenance of their garments. Our selection criteria provide that security, and our professional network of affiliates across the United States provides the convenience.”

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