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Best Dry Cleaner in WeHo

Best Dry Cleaners of WeHo

1. Holloway Cleaners

You gotta love ‘em (or hate ‘em).  But then that’s pretty much what one expects from Yelp reviews. Hollyway Cleaners, owned by Amin Amersi and his wife, Sarina, certainly is beloved by many in the entertainment business.

On the positive side: “I have to say I used to go here many, many years ago as did most of my friends in the business,” said one Yelp reviewer. “But today I needed a stain removed from a silk top and I needed it ASAP. Karim not only waited for me to get there but he got the stain out in less than 10 minutes and charged me a beyond good price. I and my celebrity stylist daughter (who I got it cleaned for) will be going back and boasting to all my other stylist friends and family. So Karim always keep it groovy.”

Then there are those who complain about the prices and the fact that all the stains don’t get removed.

Hollyway stands out in several other respects. For example, Amin’s father, Fatehali Amersi, made it one of the first dry cleaners west of the Rocky Mountains to change into the environmentally friendly technology known as GreenEarth. Then there’s the story of its founders, the Chortkoff brothers, who sold the business in 1984.  They were known for giving cakes to favorite customers on their birthdays and flowers to women on Mother’s Day. “Until the early 1980s, the Chortkoffs printed ‘Hollywords,’ a free newspaper crammed with neighborhood notes and helpful cleaning tips,” says a story about West Hollywood’s drycleaning mania published in the Los Angeles Times in 1986.

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