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Having the bottle to wear Green Fashion

Having the bottle to wear Green Fashion.


By: Garry Knox

The Met Gala is one of New York society’s events of the year. The guest list is a real ‘Who’s who’ in the world of film, music and creativity; most of whom would never be seen in the same outfit more than once!

So what a revolution to see someone who was wearing an outfit that was made completely from recycled materials. Emma Watson is fast becoming one of our favorites at GreenEarth, having featured her once before, when she first took the Green Carpet challenge.

This time her outfit was created through a collaboration by Watson, Calvin Klein and Eco-Age, a company that helps businesses introduce sustainable solutions.

The body of the gown was made using three fabrics, all woven out of yarns made from recycled plastic bottles. Even the smallest details, like the zippers, were made from recycled materials and the linings were made of organically grown and crafted cotton and silk.

How great it is so see Green fashion ready to be cleaned in GreenEarth!

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