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Caring For Clothes and The Planet – The Aftercare Solution

The lifecycle of a garment can often be cause for concern, from how it’s made to how it’s disposed of.  What is often given little thought, is what the impacts of the garment are during its “in-use” phase.

According to WRAP, around one-third of the carbon usage of garments in their lifetime takes place during the ‘in-use’ stage.  Also, water is used to care for garments and up to 700,000 micro-fibers and microplastics can be generated in each 6kg wash load.

At GreenEarth Cleaning, we think there should be a greater focus on this stage—particularly as consumers’ and businesses’ carbon usage has come into question in the recent IPCC report and the COP26 summit.

On January 19th, GreenEarth Cleaning is sponsoring and co-hosting the latest in the series of the ‘Fashion The Change’ webinar series from the ASBCI (Association of Suppliers to The British Clothing Industry).  In this ASBCI member-only webinar, ‘Caring For Clothes and The Planet – The Aftercare Solution’, we will explore the ‘in-use’ phase in more detail—a topic that is often absent from most agendas.

Alongside some guest speakers, from testing houses through to brands, there will be experts from various sectors covering all aspects of the impact of fashion on the environment—exploring carbon emissions and water usage in all areas of aftercare, as well as elements of soil, air, and sea contamination.

We will also be looking at how gentler, milder, and effective cleaning, leading to clothes lasting longer, can support Fashion Subscription services and ‘take-back’ operating models. In addition, we will look at the changing landscape in sourcing and supply.

So come and join us on January 19th at 3pm (U.K. time) and meet the team and the panel.  Register here.

To find out more about the ASBCI and how to join, click here

Speakers confirmed to date are:

Tim Maxwell – President – GreenEarth Cleaning

Roz Adams – Head of Sourcing – Whistles

Min Zhu Ph.D. – US & Canada, Technical Director – SGS

More to be announced very soon.

Reserve your place today.

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