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Spring is just around the corner, but we always want our bedding to smell spring fresh all year round – there’s no better feeling!  The benefits of regularly cleaning your bedding and your duvet are more than just sensory. Sanitizing all of your bedding regularly is vital and of course, cleaning your duvet rather than buying a new one (just because it appears easier?!) reduces household waste.

How often do you clean your duvet? There’s something you should know… and you may not like it but thankfully there is a solution at hand!

Well, each night, we sweat at least 200ml of liquid onto our bedding. House dust mites feed on dead skin that has been partially broken down by mold, and both the skin itself and the dust mites that find it so tasty can quickly build up in unwashed beds and bedding.

Furthermore, The Sleep Council estimates that as much as a tenth of the weight of a pillow that has never been washed is made up of human skin scales, mold, dust mites, and their droppings. If that’s not an incentive for keeping the bed clean, we don’t know what is!

Whilst smaller duvets can be in theory be washed at home using a domestic washing machine, these machines are not built to clean comforters as effectively as the larger capacity machines that our affiliates use.  It’s the same principle when washing clothes, you wouldn’t want to overfill the machine, as you won’t get as good a clean – and then of course it’s the amount of energy required to get them dry.

The important sustainability benefit of getting your duvet cleaned, is it means it won’t be ending up in a landfill.  The price of cleaning a duvet is around the price of an ‘Economy’ duvet – ‘Economy’ duvets are generally available at supermarkets when you are more than likely to find a dry cleaner/laundry these.  So, you might as well get it cleaned, and you can park very closely.  A significant number of our affiliates have good parking whether they are in a supermarket or not.

So, we need to think about what cost to the planet for not cleaning your duvet, rather than the actual cost of cleaning it.  

According to the Good Housekeeping Institute, you should clean your bedding once a week, your pillows every other month and your comforter every three months (and not leave it longer than 6 months).

So, as we head into Spring, now could be a perfect time to find your nearest GreenEarth Cleaning Affiliate, visit our Store Locator. 

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