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Crest Cleaners Makes Dry Cleaning Earth Friendly »

Coinciding with Earth Day, Crest Cleaners announced today that it will begin using the GreenEarth cleaning system at all of its locations, including its two Herndon locations.

Traditional dry cleaning uses perchloroethylene, a petroleum-based solvent, to clean clothes, while the Green Earth system does not use any hazardous chemicals. It cleans using liquid silicone, a product that is found in every day shampoos, lotions and deodorants, said Crest Cleaners in a press release. The product doesn’t dirty the air, contaminate soil or pollute water.

Crest Cleaners said it’s decision to install the GreenEarth system puts them ahead of the rest of the industry. They said 85 percent of drycleaners use the perchloroethylene solvent, which the EPA classifies as a toxic air contaminant. California passed the first statewide ban on perchloroethylene in 2007. Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey are considering similar bans.

“Once we found there was an environmentally-safe alternative, we didn’t hesitate to make the investment,” said Mike Conti, chief operating officer of Crest Cleaners. “We know our customers will appreciate the difference it makes—not just for the environment, but also for their clothes.”

The most noticeable difference in the GreenEarth system is that the clothes don’t have the normal “dry cleaning” odor when they are cleaned. It is also a more gentle process, and customers can now dry clean more delicate garments without worry of damage to delicate beads or other detailing.

“Converting our stores over to GreenEarth means we are opening the door to a whole new idea in dry cleaning that is better for the earth and better for clothes,” said David Slan, president of Crest Cleaners. “Everyone—the consumer, our planet, and Crest—stands to benefit from this move.”

To learn more about GreenEarth dry cleaning, visit Visit to find other locations and more information.

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