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Customer Reviews: A Key Component to Growing Your Business

Customer Reviews: A Key Component to Growing Your Business

Top 4 reasons why customer reviews are an important factor in growing your business.

Customer reviews have become a critical aspect of running any successful business. The conversation path from current customers to potential customers has essentially one route and that is through online reviews.

Openly sharing how your clients feel (the good and the bad) can help: 1) foster relationships with current clients, 2) build credibility for future clients, 3) manage dissatisfied clients, and 4) improve online visibility, all of which ultimately increase sales.

Let’s start by talking about how customer reviews can positively impact your business.  Once we have a good grasp on why reviews are important, the next question is how we implement a plan to collect reviews actively and consistently. (Hint: Here is where GreenEarth can help.)

Opportunity to Learn

Reviews allow you to see your business through the lens of the customer.  Asking for opinions provides an opportunity to learn what is going well, what needs improvement, and how to remain competitive in your market.  Showing you are interested in a customer’s opinion and willing to listen to their feedback establishes trust and creates confidence in their decision to purchase from you.

Boost Credibility

Potential customers trust reviews nearly as much as personal recommendations from friends. By displaying customer reviews on your website or in your marketing materials, you demonstrate others are happy with your product or service.

Manage Negative Content

Negative customer reviews don’t always equate to a negative impact on your business. If you respond kindly, honestly, and promptly you will see that customers respect you for caring about their concerns. Everyone knows businesses aren’t perfect. Negative reviews offer an opportunity to respond, put things right, and show you care.

Improve Online Visibility

In today’s competitive SEO landscape, featuring customer reviews can provide potential SEO ranking boosts.  Businesses with the most reviews generate more traffic than those without reviews.  More traffic, in most cases, generates more sales.

Ask for Reviews

A key component in managing your online presence is maintaining a consistent stream of reviews.  Customers are more likely to respond to a request for a review if doing so is a simple, quick process.  Here’s where GreenEarth can help.  As part of our email marketing program, we make it easy for your customers to provide a review.  A few clicks are all it takes.

Our team is ready to help implement a plan for collecting customer reviews.  Set up is easy.  You can begin today.



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