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Don’t Be Green Washed

Don’t Be Green Washed

By: Aaron Newport

Most people by now are aware of the dangers of traditional dry cleaning methods. A chemical known as “PERC”, still widely used in dry cleaning today, has been classified as a likely carcinogen and is also a ground and air contaminant. This is why we are so passionate about what we do.

In response to this classification, many “alternative solvents” have surfaced throughout the last twenty years. Most have not had much success due to high operational cost or lack of cleaning capabilities. Remaining the only environmentally non-toxic solution that also cleans clothes efficiently, GreenEarth Cleaning has stood the test of time. Many may claim to be “environmentally friendly” or “organic”, but Don’t Be Green Washed.

More than fifty percent of dry cleaners across the country still use PERC. Some of those using PERC even claim to be “environmentally friendly.” Maybe they recycle hangers… Even so, does that make up for the toxic chemicals polluting our planet?

Some cleaners claim to be organic, but when it comes to chemicals, organic is not a good thing. Gasoline is organic. Another commonly used dry cleaning solvent is hydrocarbon, which the EPA classifies as a volatile organic compound and a likely contributor to smog formation. So while it may be better than PERC, it is still very much polluting the air we breathe.

Then there are a couple of cleaning methods that pass the environmental test; CO2 and wet-cleaning. CO2 is more or less obsolete at this point due to the high cost of operations. Dry cleaners simply cannot afford the expense. Finally, wet cleaning is a challenge when it comes to cleaning natural fibers and structured garments without damaging the shape or size. So frankly it pales in comparison when it comes to the system’s ability to clean clothes, which is the whole point, right?

GreenEarth Cleaning has been proven through various studies to be environmentally non-toxic, and several tests have been conducted to prove it’s ability to clean clothes just as well, if not better than PERC. So once again, Don’t Be Green Washed. If you visit a dry cleaner or use one regularly, ask them what solvent they use. If it isn’t GreenEarth Cleaning, it probably isn’t truly “environmentally friendly.” Don’t just assume it’s safe because their ad says it is. If you don’t want to ask, do the “sniff” test – if your clothes have any odor at all, it’s not GreenEarth.

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