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Double Take at a Care Label Mistake

Double Take at a Care Label Mistake


By Garry Knox

Here at GreenEarth we like to rely on our credentials and let the results of our form of sustainable aftercare speak for themselves; we’ve always relied on the consumer to make up their own minds rather than ‘Competition Bash’.

However, sometimes you see something and you just have to call it out.

An affiliate out of New Jersey (USA) recently sent us this label that recommends the following way to clean the Jacket:

“Dry Clean only using soft Perchloroethylene Solvents.”

That’s never going to happen!

GreenEarth has produced a guide to the differences between GreenEarth and other solvents including Perc, called ‘Fashioning the Future.’ Take a look and make up your own mind.

We’d love to see any other labels that have caught your attention. If you see anything, please send them on.



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