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Dry Cleaner Of The Year Award

Congratulations to GreenEarth Co-Founder Jim Douglas for winning California Cleaners Association’s Dry Cleaner Of The Year Award!

He began his dry cleaning career in California in 1969. He was co-owner and served as president of his company from 1988 to 1998. At the time it was the largest drycleaning plant in the United States, serving as many as 115 locations from a single plant. He was using Stoddard solvent back then and knew of its demise, so he worked with other solvents coming into the market. At one time it was a test site for the Exxon DF-2000. His cleaners today employs 35 employees and serves the hotel industry and home and office delivery.
He is a graduate of Northern Arizona University. He is a member of the California Air Resource Board’s Task Force. He has served as the chair person for the Legislative Environmental Committee for the California Cleaners Association. He has been certify by DLI as a C.P.D., C.P.W., and C.E.D. He has also served as a DCCM for DLI, and has been a recipient of many awards in the state of California.
He is currently serving on the CCA board as director of Division1 and has been the treasurer for the past 8 years.
He served a big part in the transition of the CCA when they were with CAMS for 16 years and took on and trained the now executive director.
And finally he served as the alpha and beta test site for the Green Earth Cleaning process. He is the technical director and serves as vice-president and chief officer of Intellectual Properties for Green Earth Cleaning.
Let’s not forget his beautiful wife Jane, his 4 daughters and 8 grandchildren.


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