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Dry Cleaners on Social Media?

Dry Cleaners on Social Media?

By: Zarah Eads

“Why would there be dry cleaners on social media?” Ah, yes. That’s one question I’m a little too familiar with. Well, I’ll start here: 81 percent of Americans had some sort of social media profile in a 2017 gathering (which is a 5 percent jump from 2016). And there are 2.07 billion monthly users on Facebook, alone.


While all 2.07 billion people won’t be your dry cleaning customer, I think it’s safe to say you have the potential to reach a good chunk. Take our home office location in Kansas City, for example; when I put a 10 mile radius around downtown’s center and filter by a demographic of ages 28 and up with a $75,000 and over income, I still have the estimation of reaching 310,000 individuals. Advertising and what Facebook calls “boosting a post” do have a large hand in that, but that’s where we come in!

GreenEarth Cleaning offers social media management for six different platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. Yours truly is your content creator, emoji expert, GIF goddess…OK, I’ll stop. By the way, we can also help run your Yelp page by monitoring reviews that are posted.

And I promise to write in a way that reflects both your brand and your community. You’re not getting the same posts as everyone else. We find content that’s happening in your area, and we take into account your specific and unique cleaning services.

I’m confident enough to say that our formula works. We mostly grow followings organically, and we’re currently averaging about 10 page likes per week. Engagement is of huge importance here. So another part of my job is logging in to each of your accounts a couple times a week and interacting with other businesses and organizations around you, whether that be by liking, commenting, or sharing. This practice not only gives your business more personality, but it provides yet another opportunity to gain customers. Say I comment on a local bridal salon’s photo—a recent bride who bought her dress there might see it, look further into your services, and realize you do wedding gown preservation. Social media is just as much posting as it is staying part of the surrounding conversations.

I’ll wrap this up, but if anything I’ve written has in some way resonated with you, please feel free to contact our Marketing Manager Aaron Newport by emailing or calling (816) 944-3431. And if you want to go it on your own and just get some advice first, we’re here for that as well. It’s not about signing up. Everything is moving toward social media now. People originally used these platforms as a way to connect with loved ones who were far away (and that’s still the case), but it’s gone far beyond even that. I’d argue more often than not, we click through to a site by first being logged into a social account. One more stat for you: an average of 2 hours and 15 minutes is spent on social media each day. It’s overdue that dry cleaners join in.

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