Earth Hour Ideas

“Green living” has been growing in popularity for decades, and we have every reason to believe it will continue to do so. It can be tough living an eco-friendly lifestyle for reasons such as the perception it costs more to do so, the concern that it’s inconvenient, or it’s simply forgotten. If you can relate, then Earth Hour is your chance to help make a difference!

Earth Hour is organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature and takes place all over the world. This Saturday GreenEarth Cleaning urges you to join the movement and for one hour, be as kind to planet earth as possible. The event takes place on Saturday, from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. There is no shortage of things you can do! Here are some free and easy ideas to move towards living a greener lifestyle:

–       Open a book instead of watching TV

–       Go for a run or try yoga at home instead of driving to the gym

–       Light some candles and play a board game

–       Power down your electronics and clear your mind

–       Start planning your own vegetable garden

This global event was inspired by the “Sydney Earth Hour” which began in 2007. Since then over 172 countries have joined the movement. So save the date (hour) and start thinking of ways to help keep planet earth beautiful for generations to come.


Earth Hour


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