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Eco-friendly drycleaner opens in Ft. McMurray »

Enviroclean Drycleaners opened for business Tuesday downtown.

A new drycleaning business is trying to establish itself as a green alternative in an industry that spent sometime without an alternative at all.

Enviroclean Drycleaners opened for business Tuesday downtown. The business uses a silicone-based solvent developed by Kansas City-based GreenEarth Cleaning that is intended as an alternative to traditional drycleaning chemicals, known as PERC.

“The drycleaning service industry in Fort McMurray has been under represented in Fort McMurray for a vast number of years,” said Ryan Pinkney, one of the owners of EnviroClean. “We will be the third in Fort McMurray at this point, but we will be the first using the environmentally-friendly GreenEarth process.”

According to Pinkney, PERC chemicals have been associated with concerns over ground toxicity, safety for employees and smell. GreenEarth chemicals are known to biodegrade into silica, water and carbon dioxide.

“What we are striving to do is provide an environmentally friendly, safer product; one that has exceptional cleaning capacities but doesn’t have the scent and toxicity that are normally present in drycleaning,” he said. “It’s both the GreenEarth solvent and the selection of the machines that we have chosen for the process.”

Jim Douglas, a co-founder of GreenEarth, said the technology is less aggressive and can deal with more delicate items while still resulting in a thorough clean for more industrial dirt.

“As the industry really understands, there is really a window for PERC,” Douglas said. “So people really need to move and they should move anyway, because this is what’s right for their employees and what’s right for the environment.”

Pinkney said he thought Fort McMurray residents would be receptive to an environmental approach.

“We’ve all heard the negative press that’s often revolved around industry in our area,” he said. “I think that as McMurrayites… that we’re all standing up and trying to do our part to try to minimize our impact environmentally.”

The building has been under construction since the spring. Pinkney, who also works for Pinkney Financial and co-owns the building housing both businesses, owns the business in a partnership with his father, Wayne, and both his and his father’s wives. He said that they already had the space when they saw the opportunity to expand.

“Myself, as a business person, as well as many people that I know if Fort McMurray, were somewhat frustrated at the lack of access to drycleaning in Fort McMurray,” he said. “(We’re) looking to provide an alternative to that, try to (improve) turnaround time for our customers and still provide a superior service and a superior end product.”

There are approximately 2,000 GreenEarth-equipped drycleaners, with EnviroClean being the only one located in Western Canada.

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