GreenEarth Cleaning

Further Retailer Interest in GreenEarth


By Garry Knox

Another day, another trip around the Johnson Cleaners Technical Centre, in Rugby England.

It’s always an eye opener for UK retailers to visit this site and the feedback is always excellent. On this occasion the visitors were Charles Tyrwhitt, Jigsaw, and SGS.

Whilst taking in a lot of information on all the services that Johnsons has to offer, the retailers are particularly interested to see how GreenEarth® works on items from Suits to Leather and Cashmere to Wedding Dresses.

One of the key benefits of using Johnsons for Leather cleaning that it ISN’T just cleaning. Where possible (depending on the condition of the item) they will also look to restore the item, so that it can look as near to new as possible. So for example, correcting tone differences caused by different animal skins being used, removing stubborn marks such as biro and repairing damage and tears.

One example was that someone had spilled nail onto an expensive handbag and THEN tried to remove it with nail polish remover… Johnsons’ leather cleaning specialists were able to restore this handbag to its former glory.

A great example of going the extra mile whilst using an extra kind cleaning solution!

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