GreenEarth Cleaning

Get Clean Here!

Get Clean Here!

By: Joe Blaha

GreenEarth Cleaning since 1999 has championed the introduction of the only truly sustainable, environmentally non-toxic, non-hazardous, affordable, and effective alternative to all those solvents available that are built upon a carbon based petrochemical foundation.

The GreenEarth solution is pure liquid silicone and not an organic petrochemical solvent…it is uniquely different!

Being a completely different chemistry has led many in this industry to question the viability of this solution to clean as effectively as those traditional solvents whose method is to solubilize oils, greases, stains, and other soils directly into solution. This traditional method necessitates the need to distill the solvent with its solubilized contaminants to effectively separate them to be left behind in the still waste.

The path taken by GreenEarth is very different. With its unequaled low surface tension GreenEarth works by utilizing proprietary non-toxic additives that can penetrate the fibers rapidly, flushing and whisking away the contaminants without dissolving them before they head to to the filters or a distillation unit.

Because the soils are suspended freely, GreenEarth alone can use unique activated clays to adsorb those soils and contaminates without the need for continuous energy-intense distillation and may be used most efficiently without the need for any distillation via a simple decanting system.

The question of how well does GreenEarth clean compared to the petrochemical choices was addressed by the IFI (International Fabricare Institute) now the DLI (Drycleaning and Laundry Institute) in 2002 and that study reported GreenEarth to be “ as effective as perc with no environmental concerns”. In 2007 an independent IFI evaluation of alternative solvents rated GreenEarth as “excellent “ in the categories of cleaning and the ability to handle a variety of fabrics and trims.

While there are those who cling to the notion that because GreenEarth cleans differently, it is not as effective as other methods. The evidence is compelling to the contrary and today the case is easily made that the gentle GreenEarth Cleaning System is uniquely effective and offers the most sustainable ( and lowest cost ) dry cleaning system in existence.

Should the unconvinced be willing to survey the GreenEarth Affiliate network they will quickly find it is home to some of the largest and most successful operators in the world who would be happy to share their experience with GreenEarth Cleaning.

And yes…it is possible to be different and better!

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