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Here’s to a Green Automotive Industry

Here’s to a Green Automotive Industry


By: Michael Means

What is “going green?” I am sure that some of us have heard this saying before. “Going green” is pursuing environmentally friendly practices that can help benefit our lifestyle, and the earth. There are numerous solutions today that have greatly impacted our environment for the better.

A variety of industries are currently seeking greener solutions. Today, I would like to use the automotive industry as an example. For years, the automotive industry has focused on powering vehicles by gasoline, diesel, and electricity.

The automotive industry has come a long way. Engines are becoming more powerful, efficient, and pose less of a threat to our environment. How does this make for a green automotive industry? Let’s take a look at the hybrid first.

A hybrid vehicle is propelled by gasoline and electric motors. When the gas powered engine is not required to operate in certain given circumstances, the electric motors begin to take over, thus propelling the vehicle. A couple benefits include better fuel efficiency and less pollution being induced into the environment. Some hybrid vehicles to refer to are: Toyota Prius, Ford C-Max, Lexus CT200h.

There is an even greener solution in the  automotive industry, electric powered vehicles. Electric powered vehicles are propelled by the use of electric motors with the absence of gasoline. These vehicles produce the least amount of pollution. Some electric vehicles to refer to are: Fiat 500e, Ford Focus Electric, Tesla Model S.

In conclusion, there are a lot of industries out there that are seeking, or have gone to greener solutions to help promote a healthier environment and benefit everyone. We are inspired by their accomplishments and share their passion for making our planet a more sustainable one. Whether it be the automotive industry, the fashion industry, or the dry cleaning industry, lets work together to make this a safer planet for generations to come!

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