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Goodbye to a beloved Affiliate »

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Carl Salustri, owner of Pristine Green Cleaners, on July 24th after a two-year battle with cancer. Carl has been a GreenEarth Affiliate since 2007. He was an outstanding operator and probably could have written the book on quality and service; but just as impressive, Carl displayed a rare brand of grace and integrity in his approach to business that never failed to impress those of us lucky enough to work with him. One of Carl¹s lasting contributions to the GreenEarth family is the GreenEarth Counter Demo. The idea for the kit came from Carl, who shared his version at our first GreenEarth Affiliate Workshop in 2009 in Colorado. We were so inspired by Carl¹s demo and how effectively it answered the question, “So what exactly is GreenEarth?” that with Carl’s blessing, we sourced the material, to produce a GreenEarth customized kit and mailed one to every Affiliate for Earth Day. Whenever you use your counter demo, think of Carl, no doubt he is smiling on you. Carl’s service will be held next Tuesday, August 2nd, at 10am at the Foothills Chapel in Golden, CO. For more information on Carl¹s illness and family requests regarding donations in lieu of flowers, click on this link: edium=fb_wall&utm_campaign=user_vanity_page

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