GreenEarth Cleaning

Welcome To A Cleaner, Greener Future With GreenEarth® Cleaning

Embrace Sustainability and Breathe Easier with Ohio's Clean Air Improvement Program


GreenEarth Cleaning is the leader in sustainable dry cleaning; it's a commitment to environmental responsibility and the health of our planet. Utilizing liquid silicone—a clear, odorless fluid made from liquefied sand—GreenEarth represents a groundbreaking shift away from traditional petrochemical solvents to a solution that's as gentle on the earth as it is on fabrics.

Transform Your Dry Cleaning Business and Contribute to a Healthier Ohio

The Clean Air Improvement Program, an initiative by Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA), offers a robust framework for businesses eager to enhance air quality through innovative and sustainable solutions. By providing financial support and incentives, the program aims to facilitate the adoption of cleaner technologies, including pollution control, energy efficiency, and renewable energy systems. GreenEarth Cleaning aligns perfectly with CAIP’s objectives, offering dry cleaning businesses an eco-friendly alternative to traditional methods that significantly reduce environmental impact.


Through OAQDA-issued bonds, CAIP enhances project viability and boosts cash flow for participating businesses. Eligible projects may also qualify for Green Bonds, attracting additional investment. With tax exemptions on equipment and materials for air quality improvements, your transition to GreenEarth Cleaning can achieve even greater financial efficiency and sustainability.

Eligibility and Process: Paving Your Path to Sustainability with CAIP and GreenEarth

Who Can Apply?

Your business is eligible if it aims to implement projects in areas such as:
New Construction or Retrofit Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs): Projects should demonstrate at least a 15% energy savings above current state energy standards.
Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollutant Reduction: Initiatives must control, capture, reuse, mitigate, or prevent air contaminants regulated by the US EPA and be beneficial to community health or the environment.

Detailed Application Process

  • Initial Assessment: Review your business improvements for alignment with CAIP’s eligibility criteria focusing on sustainability and air quality enhancement.
  • Gather Detailed Information: Prepare comprehensive details about your project including environmental impact assessments and expected outcomes.
  • Preliminary Discussion with OAQDA: Engage with OAQDA early in your planning process to ensure your project aligns with CAIP’s goals.

  • Application Submission: Ready to apply? Submit your application through OAQDA’s dedicated portal for CAIP. Ensure you provide all required information for a thorough evaluation.
  • Review and Decision: OAQDA will conduct an in-depth review assessing financial, technical, and environmental aspects of your project.
  • Implementation: Following approval, your project will receive financial support and you’ll commit to annual reporting to OAQDA to demonstrate continued compliance and benefit.
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