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Dry cleaning does not have to take a toll on the environment anymore. Environmentally-friendly dry cleaners are now investing in new technologies that do not contain hazardous chemicals to pollute the air, soil or water.

Crest Cleaners, a chain of individually owned drycleaners located in Northern Virginia and Maryland, cares about the environment, as well as your clothes.

Crest Cleaners uses a method called GreenEarth Cleaning throughout its 14 locations. GreenEarth Cleaning is a non-toxic process using liquid silicone, the base ingredient in shampoos, conditioners and lotions. Liquid silicone is composed of liquefied sand and breaks down into its basic natural elements when released into the environment. Traditional dry cleaning uses petrochemical solvents such as perchloroethylene, or perc. Perc was introduced in the 1950’s as an alternative to flammable, more toxic cleaning products.

“Customers say their clothes don’t have an odor like traditional dry cleaning. They say their cloths smell fresh,” Mario, the manager of the Reston store said. “Our customers are very happy with our service.”

The GreenEarth process is also gentle on clothes, keeping colors from fading and fabrics looking newer.

Crest Cleaners takes back customers wire hangers as another way to reduce their environmental footprint. “A lot of customers bring back their hangers so we can reuse them,” Mario explains.

Northern Virginia Magazine recognized Crest Cleaners as the “Best Dry Cleaner of 2012″ for its customer service and ecological practices.

Crest Cleaners offers free home pickup and delivery service.

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