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Green Heating Sees Red

Green Heating Sees Red

By: Garry Knox

The right kind of heating today is a global issue with many impacts. Not just in terms of its efficiency from an environmental point of view but as prices rise, a cost perspective too.

Lots of new ways to provide energy have been seen in the last decade from solar panels to wind farms, but how can homes and businesses get the best use of that energy, when heating comes into play?

Born out of Yorkshire, England but set to be a global phenomenon, FunkyHeat provides style led infra-red heating with energy efficiency built in.  The Award Winning heaters look great as customers can personalise their own heaters if they choose (Photos, logos etc.) but they are also very smart in the way that they work, saving energy when the world needs that more than ever.

Infrared heaters can provide the same comfort levels at lower temperatures than convection heat. Convection heaters will require a third more energy to heat a room and is likely to see higher heat loss caused by draughts than infrared heating, therefore infra-red heating has less wastage and less energy use.

In 2016 FunkyHeat won the GOLD award from Designer Kitchen and Bathrooms for Innovation in Sustainability, whether for home use, an office or a store that’s got to be good news for the planet and utility bills.

For further information, please visit their website

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