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Being a mother has caused Jennifer Swisher to be more aware of the chemicals she’s bringing into her home through food, but while on vacation she read a newspaper article about dry cleaning chemicals that has since changed her life.

The article was about a chemical used by many dry cleaners called perchloroethylene, or perc for short. California has banned the use of the chemical, and Swisher said 40 other states are considering similar legislation. The EPA has characterized perc as a “likely human carcinogen.” The news sent her investigating her own dry cleaner.

“You’re buying organic food and trying not to use toxic chemicals for cleaning, and here I am bringing this super-toxic chemical into my house every day,” she said.

As Swisher did her research, she found one product, GreenEarth, that some dry cleaners were using that was safe for the environment and people. She was excited when she learned one dry cleaner in her home town was already using the product. Her love for the product is what led her to Regency Cleaners, and her experience as a business owner is what led her to buy it.

Regency was originally family-owned before it was purchased years ago by a large corporation. That company owned more than 100 dry cleaners, mostly in California. Swisher was able to purchase their two Regency locations in Arizona, one in Ahwatukee Foothills and another in Tempe, in September.

Swisher has big plans for the small business. She’s keeping their well-qualified employees and the same product they’ve always used, but she plans to give the storefront a complete face-lift, offer alterations and drive-up drop-off and pickup. She’s also changed the name to GreenClean.

GreenClean’s Ahwatukee location is located at 4747 E. Elliot Road.

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