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Stylish Quarry Walk Lands ‘Care Cleaners’

Progressive neighborhood in Oxford, Conn., sees new OXXO store open

OXFORD, Conn. — “Connecticut is a great market,” says Dennis Cardona, store owner of the newest OXXO Care Cleaners® at 300 Oxford Rd. in an upscale neighborhood here called Quarry Walk, the firm notes.

“Quarry Walk was serious about ensuring they had the correct cleaners for the development,” Cardona relates, “seeking one with ideals that reflect those of Haynes Development. Once we showed them that we aren’t a ‘dry cleaners’ but a ‘care cleaners,’ it made all the difference.”

Cardona says: “They loved our 100% eco-friendly GreenEarth® silicone cleaning process combined with our state of the art equipment that is 100% harmless to clothing, and the first and only 24/7 ATM style machine in Connecticut.”

He adds: “Customers can pickup their clothing whenever convenient to their ownschedule not ours.”

This location stands in the stylish, progressive Quarry Walk neighborhood, a 32-acre mixed-use development in the heart of Oxford, the company notes. Oxford entrepreneur Dennis Cardona will operate the OXXO franchise location.

OXXO CEO Salomon Mishaan notes, “Towns like Oxford have a need for the sort of convenience, quality service, and caring philosophy that OXXO brings into their communities.

“As we continue to expand and add locations across the South and Eastern seaboard, we’re going to keep finding these opportunities in places where people are ready to find a more compelling, forward-thinking way of tending to their drycleaning needs.”

According to Cardona, Quarry Walk developer Thomas Haynes was enthusiastic about bringing the first ecological dry cleaner to Oxford — and specifically to Quarry Walk, which Haynes sees as the new cultural nexus of his community.

In particular, Haynes wants Quarry Walk to be welcoming for youtgh and millennials, which means appealing to their environmentally-minded priorities, Cardona points out.


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