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GreenEarth Affiliate Featured As Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaner

Sage Offers Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaner With 15 Locations & 24-Hour Lockers Coming

By Brad Stager

The uplifted feeling and confidence that comes from wearing freshly laundered or dry-cleaned attire is now easier than ever to experience with Sage Cleaners ready to take care of your clothes in a convenient, customer and environment-friendly manner.

Sage provides its customers a refreshed and longer-lasting wardrobe with a dry cleaning process that the company says is an alternative to the petroleum-based methods predominating the industry.

Using a silicone-based cleaning solvent and process, trademarked as Green Earth, instead of conventional petroleum products means no chemical smell lingering on clothes that Sage dry-cleans. It also avoids petrochemical contamination of the environment that the dry cleaning industry is known for.

According to Sage Cleaners Founder Cohen Wills, operating an environmentally conscious company is the way he wants to do business.

“When it’s this easy to do things the right way, why wouldn’t you?” Wills said, adding that research shows clothes cleaned with the Green Earth process last longer, providing more value to customers.

“There’s no good reason to go anywhere else when your clothes can last 40 percent longer.”

Convenience is another feature of Sage Cleaners where customers benefit from advances in technology.

Besides 15 retail locations, from Plant City to Apollo Beach, customers can take care of their dry cleaning and laundry needs by downloading the Sage Cleaners app to their mobile phone and arrange for free pickup and delivery of their clothes at home or at the growing number of Sage lockers sprouting up at apartment communities and retail locations.

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