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GreenEarth Affiliate, Martinizing Cleaners Wichita, Winner of the 2012 Small Business Environmental »

GreenEarth Affiliate, Martinizing Cleaners Wichita, Winner of the 2012 Small Business Environmental Stewardship Award!

NATIONAL COMMITTEE ANNOUNCES WINNER OF2012 SMALL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP AWARD May 29, 2012 – The National Steering Committee (NSC) for the Small Business Ombudsman/Small Business Environmental Assistance Programs (SBOs/SBEAPs) recognized five award winners during its 9th Annual Small Business Recognition Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, May 8, 2012. The ceremony was held during the19th Annual 507 Program Training at the Sheraton Crystal City Hotel in Arlington, Virginia.

Martinizing Dry Cleaning of Wichita, Kansas was honored in the category of Small Business Environmental Stewardship. Owner Nancy Staal opened her business in 2006 after working with the Kansas Small Business Environmental Assistance Program to ensure that she fulfilled all environmental compliance obligations and that she understood the ongoing compliance requirements as she began her day-to-day operations. Source reduction and recycling opportunities that highlight her commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability include:

– Utilization of Green Earth cleaning solvent, making her the first dry cleaner to use a non-perc or nonpetroleum solvent in Wichita

– Reclamation of additional usable solvent from the separator water that is normally evaporated, resulting in recovery of at least one gallon of solvent per week, a potential $1,040 per year savings.

– Offering customers hanger recycling, biodegradable poly bags, and “green garment” convert-a-bags services.

For more information about the National Small Business Awards Recognition Program as well as services offered nationally by the Small Business Environmental Assistance Programs, visit the Small Business Environmental Home Page at The web page is supported by funding fromthe US EPA Office of Small Business Programs and maintained by Audrey Graylin Zelanko, VisionTechnologies, Inc. and AGZ & Associates, LLC.

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