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GreenEarth & Fashion Week Go Hand-In-Hand

GreenEarth & Fashion Week Go Hand-In-Hand

By: Aaron Newport

It goes without saying New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest weeks of the year in the fashion industry. Fashion designers, models, and admirers alike all gather to check out the hottest new trends and witness the eccentric art that is fashion firsthand. Dry cleaners not excluded—in fact dry cleaners are an essential component that allows this train to keep rollin’. We should own it.

How cool is it to see GreenEarth Affiliates like Madame Paulette and Next Cleaners grabbing the bull by the horns. Of course so many GreenEarth Affiliates are out there doing exciting things and getting involved in their communities, but these are a couple of stories we’ve seen recently with New York Fashion Week.

If you aren’t already, maybe it’d be a good time to consider following suit. Even if you are not in New York, partner with a local designer and host an event during Fashion Week. If nothing else, get involved in the conversation via social media. All eyes are on New York Fashion Week this time of year, let’s be a part of that.

Not to mention all of the other cities which host their own fashion week throughout the year. If you are in or nearby one of those cities, get on board. As I said before, contact some local designers and put together an event in your store. It doesn’t have to be a full blown fashion show, but hosting a fashion/art open with wine and snacks is a great way to get some solid PR for your brand and make sure your community sees you as more than a dry cleaner. You’re a member of the community and a leader in the sustainable fashion movement!

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