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GreenEarth, Greener Thumb

Whether it be garment care or garden care, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our workspace. We invite you to join us as we revolutionize the dry cleaning industry and embark on a transformative journey towards a more eco-conscious future. Learn about how we transform our waste into a flourishing GreenEarth garden.



What is Activated Clay?

Our Activated Clay Filtration (ACF) is composed of food-grade calcium bentonite designed to purify the GreenEarth silicone by gently removing odors, dyes, and other soils to an extremely fine level. The ACF is applied to the spin disc filter of an Affiliate’s dry cleaning machine using our proprietary maintenance programs. With ACF, our Affiliates no longer require the use or disposal of cartridges or all-carbon filters. This not only simplifies their operations but also contributes to the reduction of waste in our industry. Moreover, ACF allows for the use of less detergent and shorter cycle times, leading to a remarkable 60% decrease in utility costs. The waste generated in the process is transformed into a soil-like composition, further underscoring our commitment to eco-conscious practices.

Machine Compatibility

Most dry cleaning machines with a spin disc filter can benefit from using Activated Clay and the GreenEarth Optimized System. Usually all that’s needed are some programming changes and a bit of training which can be done by watching our “How to Use Activated Clay” video. Email us at for more details.


GreenEarth Garden

Rather than using a licensed hazardous waste hauler, our Activated Clay waste is so safe that our Affiliates can dispose of it with their local garbage or, like us, use it in their gardens. Each year the GreenEarth staff come together to tend to our office’s vegetable and herb garden located at the back of our office building. Our blend of soil and Activated Clay waste augments beautifully and the plants love it. We’ve implemented a watering system, featuring a retrofitted rain barrel complete with an eavestrough, ensuring our plants receive the hydration they need. Thriving on community care and rainwater, this garden is another symbol of our commitment to sustainability.


Garden Highlights

We envision a world where sustainability is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of our lives, and we’re making strides towards that vision, one garment, one garden, and one eco-conscious choice at a time. Whether it’s the clothes we clean or the gardens we tend, GreenEarth embodies an unwavering commitment to a greener, cleaner future. Learn more about our Activated Clay and other products available for purchase on our website.

Check out our Customer Service Director, Karen, in action here.

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