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GreenEarth – A Remarkable Solution – Truly Different

GreenEarth – A Remarkable Solution – Truly Different


By: Joe Blaha

Many positive things over the years have been recognized about GreenEarth Cleaning by customers, regulators, clothing manufacturers, employees and landlords.

The short list would include:

GreenEarth is the world’s largest branded solution provider of environmentally non-toxic dry cleaning and available in over 40 countries.

Environmentally non-toxic and non-hazardous since its introduction in 1999, this solution has been continually unregulated by the EPA and exempted from VOC ( smog ) regulation. Only GreenEarth Cleaning in this industry can legally make such a claim.

The remarkable cleaning power of the solution, while still gentle on clothing and completely odor free, are unique qualities that are unequaled in this industry.

So what makes this GreenEarth silicone solution so different?

GreenEarth silicone is not a petroleum ( carbon ) based solvent.

 Beware of the organic label others may post, at a dry cleaner. This is a very misleading use of the term which could be seen as a health claim at the grocery but has a very different meaning as it defines any chemical compound which contains carbon molecules as organic, Gasoline is organic.

GreenEarth cleans very differently than those carbon based solvents. They rely on solubilizing ( to dissolve in a liquid and become part of the liquid ) oils, stains, soils directly into the solvent. GreenEarth works by effectively penetrating the fibers rapidly, utilizing detergent agents which can then flush and whisk them away without the need to dissolve them, making the purification process much simpler, dramatically reducing utility demands while lowering the impact on the environment

This is not traditional “regular” dry cleaning, in this process colors are brighter, whites are whiter and your odor free clothes will be softer and free of shrinkage.

GreenEarth is much more than a solvent in a machine. Manufacturers recommend the GreenEarth Cleaning process not just the solvent, because it is an entire system of care designed to provide the best possible fabric care with the lowest environmental impact.

Many customers may choose to use a GreenEarth cleaner for what it does for the planet and then are thrilled to discover what it does for their clothes!


GreenEarth Cleaning / The Most Sustainable Way To Dry Clean


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