GreenEarth Cleaning

GreenEarthlings Land in London »

We are green men from a planet far far away. We love quality clothes, investment pieces that can stand the test of time. But we need a solution for cleaning them – something that would keep them looking and feeling new for longer, whilst still being kind to the environment.

So a small group of us have decided to do something about it. We’ve jumped on our spaceship in search of GreenEarth. We hear GreenEarth® is a different type of dry clean and we’re on the look out for it!

We searched the four corners of the universe until we found exactly what we were looking for; here on the beautiful green planet you call Earth.

We landed in a strange place called London today where our mission is to find GreenEarth®!

We have planted an undercover GreenEarthling at Johnson Cleaners’ head office who has given us access to Johnsons’ Twitter account so you can follow our whereabouts all day and hopefully come see us! You can search for us using #greenearth or follow @johnsoncleaners

Let’s hope we find GreenEarth®!

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