GreenEarth Cleaning

How do I convert to GreenEarth Cleaning?

To make the switch to GreenEarth Cleaning and enjoy the benefits of our eco-friendly cleaning system, here’s a simplified guide:


Step 1: Get in Touch

  • Start by filling out our request form to express your interest.
  • Our team will promptly reach out to discuss your specific needs and how GreenEarth can enhance your business.

Step 2: Transition Planning

  • We’ll assess your existing equipment to determine compatibility. Most Class IIIA machines are compatible with GreenEarth.
  • If necessary, we can assist you in sourcing a G-Series or Class IIIA Dry Cleaning machine.
  • We’ll create a tailored transition plan that includes comprehensive training to ensure a smooth switch to GreenEarth.

Step 3: Affiliation Agreement

  • Finalize the agreement details, covering financial terms and the support you’ll receive as a GreenEarth Affiliate.

Step 4: Getting Started

  • Receive GreenEarth-approved detergents, solvents, and training materials.
  • Launch your affiliation with GreenEarth using the provided marketing materials to promote your new eco-friendly approach.

Step 5: Marketing Support

  • Explore customized digital and field marketing services to effectively reach your target audience.
  • Tailor your marketing strategy to attract environmentally conscious customers, emphasizing the GreenEarth difference.

Step 6: Launch GreenEarth Difference

  • Officially begin operating as a GreenEarth Affiliate, implementing our eco-friendly cleaning methods.
  • Promote your GreenEarth affiliation to showcase your commitment to sustainability.

Step 7: Ongoing Support and Growth

  • Stay in touch with GreenEarth for continuous support and guidance.
  • Utilize the provided resources to enhance your business operations and maintain GreenEarth’s high standards for quality and environmental responsibility.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly transition to GreenEarth Cleaning, benefit from our eco-friendly solutions, and attract environmentally conscious customers to your business. We are here to support your journey towards sustainability and success.

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