GreenEarth Cleaning

How does Greenearth compare to C02, Wet Cleaning and Hydrocarbon?

GreenEarth Cleaning offers a unique and environmentally responsible dry cleaning solution when compared to CO2, wet cleaning, and hydrocarbon systems. Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

CO2 Cleaning: CO2 and 100% wet cleaning are recognized as excellent environmentally friendly choices but have limited adoption among dry cleaners. CO2 machines are expensive to operate, to the extent that they are no longer in production. Professional wet cleaning, while environmentally non-toxic, requires more labor and resources, making it challenging for dry cleaners to rely on exclusively. GreenEarth considers professional wet cleaning to be a complementary, eco-friendly method that can enhance the GreenEarth dry cleaning process in any shop, encouraging operators to utilize both methods for optimal results.

Hydrocarbon Cleaning: Hydrocarbon solvent has been a popular alternative due to its affordability and familiarity in the industry. However, concerns have arisen regarding its environmental impact. Hydrocarbon is classified as a volatile organic compound (VOC) and can contribute to smog formation. It’s not approved as a Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) material and may require cleanup if spilled. Like perc, hydrocarbon is also listed by the EPA as a neurotoxin and a skin and eye irritant for workers. Additionally, many hydrocarbon-based solvents on the market are blends, introducing the challenges of chemical blends, such as the need for stabilizers and deodorizers. GreenEarth’s 100% pure D5 siloxane offers a stable, environmentally friendly alternative with a higher flash point.

One notable advantage is that many machines designed for hydrocarbon solvents can also use GreenEarth’s solution, allowing operators to transition to GreenEarth without the need to purchase new machines. GreenEarth Cleaning provides an environmentally responsible alternative that balances effectiveness with sustainability in the dry cleaning industry.

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