GreenEarth Cleaning

How does GreenEarth support Affiliates in marketing and customer acquisition?

GreenEarth Marketing Launch Kit:

    • Initial Support: Affiliates receive a launch kit with essential marketing materials, including flyers, to immediately begin promoting the GreenEarth difference.
    • Trademarked Logo: Authorization to use the GreenEarth trademarked logo.
    • Store Locator Listing: Inclusion in our locator with over 5000 monthly visits.
    • Asset Library: Access to a library of customizable marketing images.

Dedicated Marketing Agency (Available at an Additional Cost):

      • Specialized Services: Services include website design, social media management, email marketing, graphic design, ad management, and print design.
      • Industry-Focused: Specifically tailored for the dry cleaning industry.
      • Efficient Customer Targeting:
        • Expert Guidance: Our team of marketers will assist in precisely targeting your audience and business services, ensuring the right customers are reached without excess spending.
        • Value for Money: While an additional cost, these services are competitively priced to provide quality marketing support affordably.

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