GreenEarth Cleaning

Is GreenEarth Dry Cleaning Safe?

Absolutely! GreenEarth Dry Cleaning is renowned for its commitment to safety, both for your garments and the environment. Unlike traditional dry cleaning methods that use toxic chemicals like perchloroethylene (PERC), GreenEarth Cleaning employs a silicone-based solvent called D5, which is non-toxic and gentle on fabrics. Here’s why it’s considered safe:

Non-Toxic Solvent: The key solvent in GreenEarth Cleaning, is non-toxic and doesn’t produce harmful fumes or residues. This means there’s no risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals for skilled dry cleaning professionals or the customer.

Gentle on Fabrics: GreenEarth’s gentle approach to cleaning ensures that your clothing items remain in excellent condition. Delicate fabrics, intricate trims, and embellishments are all well-preserved during the process.

Environmentally Safe: The GreenEarth process is not just safe for you but also for the environment. The silicone-based solvent breaks down into harmless components—sand, water, and carbon dioxide—making it eco-friendly and reducing its impact on our planet.

Certifications: GreenEarth Cleaning has received certifications and endorsements from reputable environmental organizations, highlighting its dedication to safety and sustainability.

GreenEarth Dry Cleaning is a safe and responsible choice for cleaning your garments, prioritizing the well-being of both your clothes and the world around us.

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