GreenEarth Cleaning

What machines are compatible with The GreenEarth Cleaning System?

GreenEarth Cleaning is compatible with a wide range of dry cleaning machines, particularly those classified as Class IIIA machines. Class IIIA machines are typically designed to work with alternative solvents like GreenEarth’s silicone-based cleaning solvent. Here are some types of machines that are commonly compatible:

  1. Class IIIA Machines: These machines are explicitly designed to work with alternative solvents like silicone-based solvents. Many Class IIIA machines are inherently compatible with the GreenEarth Cleaning system.
  2. G-Series Machines: GreenEarth has developed its own G-Series machines, specifically designed for use with the GreenEarth Cleaning system. These machines are optimized for efficiency and quality when using GreenEarth’s eco-friendly solvent.
  3. Hydrocarbon Machines: Some hydrocarbon machines, which use a different type of solvent, can be converted or retrofitted to be compatible with the GreenEarth Cleaning system.
  4. Multi-Solvent Machines: Some modern dry cleaning machines are designed to work with multiple solvents, including silicone-based solvents like GreenEarth.

It’s important to note that the compatibility of a specific dry cleaning machine may depend on its age, design, and manufacturer. GreenEarth Cleaning can provide guidance and support to assess your existing equipment’s compatibility or help you source a suitable machine if needed. Additionally, regular maintenance and proper machine care are essential to ensure optimal performance when using the GreenEarth Cleaning system.

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