GreenEarth Cleaning

Will I still have to pay for waste disposal?

With GreenEarth’s innovative Activated Clay filtration process, you can expect a different approach to waste disposal. Unlike traditional cartridge filtration methods that produce liquid waste or cartridges containing liquid solvent, our Activated Clay Filtration generates solid waste. This distinction is significant because it allows many of our GreenEarth Members to apply for and qualify for disposing of their non-hazardous waste as regular trash.

Furthermore, we are committed to assisting our members in the disposal process. We provide documentation that demonstrates the non-toxic nature of the waste generated, which can be invaluable in establishing the non-toxicity of the waste to your municipal disposal authority. This documentation can help leverage your efforts to dispose of the waste through your municipality’s regular waste disposal channels, representing a substantial cost-saving compared to disposing of liquid waste or cartridge filters. So, in many cases, you may not have to bear the additional expenses associated with traditional waste disposal when using GreenEarth’s Activated Clay filtration, thanks to our support in documenting its non-toxicity.

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