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With GreenEarth, It Pays To Go Green.

To learn more about future-proofing your business, contact our Business Development Manager, Angela Harris.

Take it from the experts…

No Harsh Chemicals, No Odor

One of the most important things discriminating customers notice about GreenEarth is what’s missing: that telltale dry cleaning smell. GreenEarth isn’t petroleum-based like most dry cleaning fluids; it is absolutely odorless. So clothes smell clean, not dry cleaned.

No Risk of Contamination

Building a new hotel or taking over an existing enterprise? Eliminate risk of environmental liability for unsafe solvent practices by making sure GreenEarth goes in before your hotel’s name goes on.

More Efficient Processing

Decreased operating costs and increased productivity make GreenEarth the dry cleaning method of choice for today’s progressive hotels.

Noticeably Better Quality

GreenEarth does more than protect the earth, it protects the quality of the garments it cleans. Our process utilizes a cleaning chemistry that is scientifically better for fabrics. Your guests will appreciate how much fresher, brighter and whiter their dry cleaning looks, not to mention how much smoother and silkier they feel.

Even better for the bottom line.

GreenEarth is the cleaning system of choice for many of the world’s best known brands in quality hospitality: Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt Regency, Montage, St. Regis and Jumeirah Emirates Towers, to name a few. Because with GreenEarth, clean is just the beginning.

Green compliant.

Progressive hotels are meeting the needs of ecology minded customers with GreenEarth’s environmentally safe process.

Happier work place.

Employees love working in an odorless dry cleaning shop. And managers love not worrying about the health and safety of employees.

To discuss licensing your hospitality operation or to request an informational booklet, contact Angela Harris at or call toll free 877-926-895.

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