GreenEarth Cleaning


In the GreenEarth Neighborhood

In the GreenEarth Neighborhood


By: Joe Blaha

Your local GreenEarth dry cleaner is among the few remaining truly sustainable neighborhood businesses, where people are interacting face -to- face and enjoying a positive personalized experience.

Most everyone lives or works nearby and stopping by the cleaners is a regular part of life’s routine.

While technology also has its place in the dry cleaning business, the majority of the time it is the opportunity to deal directly with one another on a consistent basis, that foster avenues to building lasting relationships while doing business.

So much of commerce has moved online and into mega-stores with its random contact, all lacking the consistency of interactions which afford the warmth of personal recognition.

It is the relationships that develop between store customers and staff, that most often is presented as the highlight of each day for those fortunate enough to be serving customers and getting to know them on a regular basis.

Many friendships have developed here across the counter and it often starts with a customer’s initial understanding of what is special about the GreenEarth process and the people it attracts on both sides of that counter.

Customer loyalty is a treasured commodity in any business venture. The GreenEarth commitment to environmental stewardship, unequaled cleaning performance and customer service excellence, has earned many of the Affiliates the highest grades and encouraged repeat business.

Among the registered logos encountered in GreenEarth store outreach materials, two of the most telling might be “improving the fabric of life “and “it’s good for everybody”.

GreenEarth is not only good for your clothes but also good for the neighborhood!


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