GreenEarth Cleaning


The Perks Of Perc-Free Dry Cleaner Tenants.

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Take it from the experts…

Clean On Premises

GreenEarth’s environmental profile doesn’t just solve the problem of perc and other hydrocarbon alternatives; it creates opportunities—lots of them. With GreenEarth, property owners no longer need “no dry cleaner” restrictions. GreenEarth is safe for our air, water, and soil.

Non-toxic to the Environment

With GreenEarth, there is nothing to pollute the air, water, or soil. So there is no hazardous waste, no worry about costly clean-ups, no environmental liability barriers to bank financing, and no cause for community concern.

Attract Upscale, Repeat Customers

Every dry cleaning transaction means two trips. The best drycleaning customers want to drop off/pick up at the location providing the service. That means two visits by the right kind of customers, week in and week out, with higher incomes and more discretionary dollars to spend. There is no better traffic builder.

Prime Locations, Prime Tenants

GreenEarth’s Prime Properties program ensures hassle-free dry cleaning compliance. GreenEarth provides the inspections and reports to give you the assurance that your tenant is adhering to your terms. The GreenEarth Cleaning system has been approved for use by hundreds of landlords, including industry leaders such as Kimco, Edens & Avant, and Regency Centers.

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