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Lapels Dry Cleaning of Stoughton to open in June

Lapels Dry Cleaning, an innovative, environmentally friendly dry cleaning company headquartered in Hanover, Massachusetts, recently announced it will open a dry cleaning plant and store at 597 Washington Street in Stoughton. Lapels Dry Cleaning of Stoughton, formerly Loyal Cleaners, will be owned and operated by Matthew Wiltshire and will convert in June 2020.

As owner of Lapels Dry Cleaning of Norton for the past 17 years, Wiltshire has served the greater Norton area with the only environmentally non-toxic cleaning process. With Lapels Dry Cleaning of Stoughton as his dry cleaning plant, Wiltshire can provide that service to
the people and businesses of Stoughton.

“Lapels Dry Cleaning utilizes the world’s only 100 percent environmentally non-toxic cleaning process. Clothes are not only cleaned in a way that’s better for the environment but there’s no odor as you find with other dry cleaning processes. Clothes just look and feel better,” said Wiltshire. “As owner of Lapels Dry Cleaning of Norton for the past 17 years, I know how much people have loved our dry cleaning services and I’m delighted to bring this service to Stoughton and, particularly, Loyal Cleaners customers.”

Adds Wiltshire, “Given the backdrop of what’s going on in the country and world, I’m especially delighted that we can bring Lapels type of dry cleaning service—including free pickup and delivery–during the Covid crisis. That only could have happened with the help of Kevin Dubois and the other folks at Lapels Corporate.”

In 2018, Lapels Dry Cleaning and its parent company, Next Step Franchising, struck a deal with Grey Bull Stewardship, which gave it a minority share in Lapels. As part of this investment deal, Greybull Stewardship (“Greybull”), made a commitment to provide a self- funding option for future Lapels Dry Cleaning locations that met certain criteria. Through his ownership of Lapels Dry Cleaning of Norton, Wilshire met that criteria.

“As a franchisor, we have an appetite for converting existing dry cleaners as either an acquisition, as in Matthew’s case, or a transfer, where the current dry cleaner transitions into a Lapels Dry Cleaning,” said Kevin Dubois, CEO of Lapels Dry Cleaning. “Through the Grey Bull partnership, a franchise owner like Matthew, who was already a member of the Lapels family of franchise owners can easily scale their business and bring in additional cash flow with our self-funding.”

Said Dubois, “Since Matt has been in our system for years, this will be a seamless transition. We’re excited about bringing the Lapels’ environmentally friendly approach cleaning to the greater Stoughton area.”

Lapels has pioneered its eco-friendly dry-cleaning experience over the past two decades. Lapels has a partnership agreement with GreenEarth®, the dry cleaning industry’s only non-toxic cleaning alternative for its newer locations. Using these kinds of solutions and the latest technology in equipment, Lapels is one of the few dry cleaners able to boast that there is no hazardous waste in their process. Their environmentally-friendly cleaning process has no odor and is gentler on clothes, thus lengthening the life of clothes.

Lapels Dry Cleaning also sets itself apart with its customer service. Lapels customers are greeted to a warm and inviting reception area, with friendly customer service representatives, and alteration services.

In terms of its services, Lapels offers its customers Automatic Rewards earning them credit towards free dry cleaning for every dollar they spend, Loyalty Programs, a VIP Program which eliminates the need to wait in line, the use of a 24 Hour Drop Off Service and FREE Home Delivery to all its customers. Lapels Dry Cleaning offer free pickup and drop-off service. During the COVID 19 pandemic Lapels also offers a “car hop” service where customers can drop off and pick up their clothing without ever leaving their cars.

During the pandemic, hours at Lapels Dry Cleaning of Stoughton will be Monday through Friday, 8am to 5 pm and Saturday 9 am to 4 pm. For complete information on Lapels Dry Cleaning, please visit

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