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Local dry cleaner goes green
By Daniel Armbruster – bio | email

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While M.W. Cleaners may look like a typical dry cleaning facility with washing machines and flying clothes, President Michael Nesbit, says there is one big difference.

“About 60% of the industry uses a product called Perchloroethylene to clean clothes in and right now it’s considered to be a possible carcinogen. We made the conscious decision about 10 years ago to distance ourselves from it,” said Nesbit.

Nesbit says the facility uses environmentally friendly chemicals that clean just as well as traditional solutions but don’t leave a chemical residue on your clothes. Nesbit says the eco-friendly dry cleaning company, which has served Austin for a while, recently opened a full-service facility in Austin due to the growing demand of residents wanting less toxins on their clean clothes.

While there are other eco-friendly dry cleaning companies in Austin, most are not. Nesbit says that’s because of the business cost to go green.

“When we made the decision I spent over a million dollars just changing out equipment,” Nesbit said.

Nesbit also added customers won’t shell out more green for the eco-friendly service.

While there are many dry cleaning facilities that are eco-friendly, Nesbit says to make sure they do not use the chemical perchloroethylene. The EPA’s website says it has determined “perc” is a “likely human carcinogen”, but it doesn’t believe wearing clothes cleaned with the chemical poses a risk at this time.

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