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Making Garment Technology Fit

Making Garment Technology Fit


By: Garry Knox

Advancing technology is having a greater impact on retail as time goes on. Whether it’s the type of materials used, in-store point of purchase technology to promote products, through to our very solution for sustainable garment aftercare.

Technology is having more of a role in garment manufacturing itself. In particular 3D technology.

Cycles of fashion ranges are renowned for having a long lead time, with fashion ranges taking anything from 6 to 18 months to reach market. A lot of this is tied up in sample production and approvals.

Many manufacturers gathered at the recent ASBCI conference on ‘Size and Fit’ in the UK, where the progression of technology was discussed by many retailers and suppliers, including Marks and Spencer, Invista, Harvey Nicholls and Alvanon.

Speed to market and the ability to get the fit right first time were prominent topics of discussion

Sending samples digitally gives teams the ability to look at the design, size and fit of the garment, ensuring that they can refresh ranges more regularly within a season and a quicker speed to market. They can also compete better by responding to trends whilst they are still fashionable.

With software creating a more accurate size and fit, returns can be reduced, therefore reducing waste, which has positive environmental and financial benefits.

It’s only a matter of time before they spill over into local mass production, reducing the need for mass transportation, therefore reducing carbon usage. Not such a radical notion to give the customer what they want and when they want it!

Retailers used to be in charge of the relationship with their customer but the tables are turning.

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