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Marine Algae Inspire New Designs

Marine Algae Inspire New Designs


By: Garry Knox


Often fashion can have an impact on the environment, but now one designer is allowing the environment to affect its fashion output!

Oban (in Scotland, U.K.) based Crùbag uses images of healthy and infected algae that have been photographed by scientists with the use of microscope technology.

The business’s designer, Jessica Giannotti, has a background in marine science.


Crùbag also works with Dr Claire Gachon, an expert in seaweed at the Scottish Association of Marine Science (SAMS).

The French scientist’s research includes studies of green and brown algae and the diseases that affect them.


The business in Argyll was one of nine designer-makers from the Highlands and Islands to exhibit products at the fashion design event, Craft at Top Drawer, earlier this year.

Such a novel way to bring what’s happening in the environment to life.


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