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Maximized Sustainability

Maximized Sustainability


by: Ron Benjamin

Many would suggest that putting the words sustainability and dry cleaning together would be an oxymoron! And that suggestion is hard to argue against given that the dry cleaning industry is one of the last industries in the industrialized world to embrace sustainability as a goal.

Consider virtually every other industry — where annual financial reports are accompanied by annual sustainability reports. And that in almost every Fortune 500 company, one of the key corporate officers on the executive team is the Chief Sustainability Officer.

And yet, despite today’s concern for sustainable practices, many dry cleaners continue to use a solvent that is a known environmental contaminant and is classified by the EPA as a probable human carcinogen. Plus, they use filtration techniques where cartridges need to be discarded in landfills as refuse and operate with dry cleaning machines that use excessive amounts of energy and water.

In 1999, three dry cleaners believed that a different dry cleaning technology based upon silicone chemistry could provide enhanced sustainability for the dry cleaning industry. Sixteen years later, through solid research, development and in-field testing, GreenEarth Cleaning now offers Maximized Sustainability.

What is it? And how is it done?

It’s achieved through the use of the most energy efficient machines, an environmentally 100% pure non-toxic dry cleaning fluid, safe additives, and activated clay filtration. Non-toxic, safe, energy efficient, nonhazardous waste and no landfill refuse! Maximized Sustainability allows our dry cleaning industry to now stand shoulder to shoulder with all other industries in making sustainability for people and the planet both a primary vision and an operating reality.

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