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Minding Your Own Business

“Minding Your Own Business”

By Joe Blaha.

I happened to be reading the summer newsletter from the PDCA (Pennsylvania and Delaware Cleaners Association) and came across a column (with the title I borrowed above), written by Ricardo Gonzalez, the DLI (Drycleaning and Laundry Institute) Web Developer.

It caught my attention as it focused on the dilemma often faced by those of us who routinely offer new techniques or technology and struggle to understand the resistance from those who stand to benefit the most.

What struck me was the remark that Ricardo made that our egos tend to stand in the way of making changes because that puts us back in the position of feeling like a beginner which can feel like a step backward.

The suggestion was offered to recognize that resistance to new ideas is actually resistance to growing, as the challenges associated with new ways of doing things are the engines that encourage growth.

GreenEarth Cleaning is committed to the pursuit of cutting edge marketing and technological advances and sharing them with our Affiliates worldwide.

So much is constantly changing and just keeping up with the changes can be daunting. Then the thought of implementing change and investing in the time and other costs required without a clear picture of the benefits is understandably a big concern.

Fortunately as members of the GreenEarth family, a major benefit is the collaborative input of so many Affiliates who are adopting these suggested changes and reaping the rewards.

Whether in the marketing arena with web and social media developments or technological advances such as the excitement inherent in the adoption of the most sustainable (and lowest cost) dry cleaning system in the industry available, with the adoption of activated clay filtration (ACF ), there is great strength in having thousands of GreenEarth plants all working together and not having to make decisions solely on your own experiences.

Here are a couple of studies that demonstrate why it is important to have a strong online presence: Searchlight Interactive out of Charleston, SC held a study to portray how consumers are finding services in 2015. To learn more click here. And High Touch Communications out of Montreal, Canada held a study to portray how consumers react to poorly designed websites, to learn more click here.

These are just a couple of hundreds of studies out there that demonstrate the importance of your online presence. While it may seem daunting and time consuming, it is monumental to the growth of your business in this day and age.

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