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Michael Howie, North Oakville Today – Nov 09, 2011 – 9:56 PM –

Neat Dry Cleaners brings green change. Ron, a long-time employee at Neat Dry Cleaners, operates the environmentally friendly dry cleaning machine, the first of its kind in Oakville.

Teaching her children to recycle, to be good to the environment and be a positive influence on the community is something Alla Bogatyreva strives for. But she also knows that without action from herself, “it’s nothing, just words.”

Alla is the owner of Neat Dry Cleaners at 478 Dundas St. West in Oakville, the town’s first dry cleaner to make use of Green Earth solutions rather than harmful chemicals in the cleaning process.

“We are currently the only ones in Oakville licensed to have it,” Alla said proudly. “It’s a very, very safe solution for both the environment and for people. I want to brag about it. I want people to know about it.”

While many dry cleaners have insisted the natural, silicon-based solution would not get the results of a conventional machine, Alla noted that she and her team have been very happy with the results.

“We’re about quality,” she said. “We try to provide Oakville residents with the best quality possible, and this new technology shows very good results that we’re quite happy with.”

Alla’s decision to make the investment – and take the risk – in green dry cleaning was a matter of pride in herself and hope for the future for her children.

“I think that what we do today will really have an impact on what we’ll have tomorrow,” she explained. “I’m in the dry cleaning business. It’s always been very hazardous and very bad for the environment. I don’t want that image of a dusty place where people are coughing from all the chemicals used. Implementing these new green technologies is better for everyone, not just us. All my employees work with these chemicals, and that’s a major health concern. This one is so safe you can wash your hands in it. I clean my own children’s clothes here, so I’m being a bit selfish in that way, too.

“We always hear that people need to change to make the world better,” she concluded. “I chose to change myself. And then, maybe, other people will change too.”

To find out more about Neat Dry Cleaners drop by at 478 Dundas St. West Unit #15, call 905-257-2956 or visit

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