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NextCleaners Launches On-Demand Green Dry Cleaning

NextCleaners, the largest green dry cleaning and laundry service in the NYC and Northern New Jersey areas, today announced the launch of its mobile on-demand service, NextSpeedy™. With the introduction of NextSpeedy, available starting February 2 in NYC, NextCleaners’ sustainable dry cleaning services will become even more accessible and convenient for customers, who can now request pick-up and drop-off with the touch of a button.

“Dry cleaning and laundry are one of the essential services that can be provided on-demand. With the launch of NextSpeedy, NextCleaners is positioned to become a leading provider of on-demand services in our marketplace,” said Kam Saifi, NextCleaners Founder and CEO. “The advent of mobile app technologies has enabled the creation of many on-demand services that allow people to handle their day-to-day but essential tasks. Next Cleaners’ goal is to provide high quality and eco-friendly dry cleaning as well as complimentary services in order to deliver a great customer experience”.

NextCleaners’ on-demand service furthers the convenience of the company’s services presently used by thousands of individuals and enterprises from major sports centers to emerging companies.  NextSpeedy will enable customers to place pick up requests and track order status through company’s web application or easy-to-use mobile apps, available for download through the Apple Store and Google Play. NextCleaners’ new custom designed cargo tricycles, “Speedys,” will ensure delivery and pick up services within minutes of customer requests.

“The strategic partnership between Next Cleaners and Hello Alfred has always been focused on delivering a great customer experience in the marketplace.  Hello Alfred’s home managers, who are the single point of contact for our customers, work very closely with Next Cleaners to deliver exceptional dry cleaning, laundry and custom tailoring services all delivered to your closet.” Said Marcela Sapone, CEO of Hello Alfred.  “Next Cleaners’ implementation is unique in the on-demand space. The combination of their mobile app, multi-tiered delivery model and custom designed and branded cargo tricycles gives the company a competitive advantage that helps Hello Alfred provide speedier and higher quality service to our customers”.

Not only does NextSpeedy save customers from the hassle of traditional dry cleaning pickup and delivery services, it also helps to protect the environment from harmful carbon emissions generated by fuel based delivery vehicles. Unlike its competitors, NextCleaners does not use harmful chemicals such as perchloroethylene. The Company uses the Wet Cleaning System, the most environmentally safe solution on the market, and GreenEarth Cleaning Technology, a preferred environmentally friendly solvent.

NextSpeedy will be available throughout Manhattan and select areas in Northern New Jersey. Deployment of Speedys will ensure quick and efficient pick up services in as little as thirty minutes for Next Cleaners customers.

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