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One million pound investment for better, greener dry cleaning »

Britain’s leading dry cleaning provider, Johnson Cleaners, has invested £1m this year in an exclusive partnership to offer customers better, greener, dry cleaning, through the introduction of GreenEarth technology across its 320 stores.

The liquid silicone compound, used by GreenEarth, safely carries dirt away from clothing and minimises the impact the dry cleaning process has on the environment.

This represents a further investment after commitment reaching over several years; therefore solidifying its commitment to the greener cleaning solution.

From October, the full portfolio of stores, including the store at the Carfax in Horsham will offer GreenEarth cleaning, completely eliminating the company’s use of PERC, the primary chemical traditionally used in the dry cleaning process.

Unlike PERC, GreenEarth – as well as being a natural, non-hazardous and sustainable ingredient – does not chemically interact with clothes as they are cleaned.

This prevents damage to clothing fibres during the cleaning process, keeping clothes looking newer for longer with none of the colour fade, shrinkage or damage to delicate fabrics that can happen with a chemical-based clean.

You can feel and smell the difference too – there’s none of the unpleasant odour associated with traditional dry cleaning and the GreenEarth formula leaves clothes wonderfully soft to the touch.

Our research tells us that customers want to know that we will take the best possible care of the items they entrust to us to clean.

Our team’s experience and expertise coupled with GreenEarth’s gentle effectiveness means we can offer much more than ordinary dry cleaning. We’re not increasing prices with this change; it will come at no increased cost to our customers.

Plus customers can feel good about the impact they have on the environment – GreenEarth provides the perfect solution.”

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