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Our Culture Matters

Our Culture Matters

By: Joe Blaha

It is with pride that GreenEarth Affiliates, their employees and yes, their customers benefit from a culture that thrives on being the best in the industry.

GreenEarth is consistently recognized as the leader in healthy environmental stewardship, the developer of the industry’s most sustainable proprietary operating system and the home of the world’s largest branded network of operators who can offer better, yet gentle cleaning outcomes.

The pride of being “ best in class “ supports a culture that attracts and retains the best employees and GreenEarth Cleaning offers the Affiliates access to a powerful multi-media marketing program that affords the opportunity to attract and retain the best customers.

GreenEarth cleaners are the only dry cleaning operations welcomed by an increasing number of retail shopping center developers. These developers are anxious to share the benefits of a business that brings good customers to their centers without the environmental hazards associated with all the other options.

The recognition that evolves from representing a business seen to be expanding worldwide since 1999 with its unique attributes, is continually fostering the opportunity for positive customer relationships and referrals, that have fueled this consistent growth.

GreenEarth Cleaning is always actively looking to attract additional quality operators. When those with an interest in moving in a positive direction take a look across the industry, the success of those leaders in this industry who have embraced the potential of GreenEarth is apparent.

The culture of GreenEarth is built upon the satisfaction shared by customers and employees alike who recognize the positive welcoming experience provided in well run stores whose future is supported by the most sustainable system in existence.

The culture of the GreenEarth network fully embraces the promise of a bright future!

We truly believe “ It’s good for everybody “

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