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OXXO Set To Clean Up Orlando with Convenience and Green Practices

The pioneering “experiential dry cleaning” franchise drives drop store and business conversion trend across Orlando

Orlando, FL, April 30, 2019 — OXXO Care Cleaners® the most innovative, environmentally friendly garment cleaning franchise  founded on the “We Care” philosophy, today announced its latest expansion initiative in Orlando, FL.  Fueled by market demand for premium services enhanced with 24/7 availability, OXXO’s recent growth in Orlando to four stores (Winter Park opened most recently at 190 Aloma Ave.) has sparked attention and interest for the automated OXXO business model, a perfect fit for green-minded Orlando.

“Ever since Mayor Dyer launched GreenWorks in Orlando, the thriving Florida city has become a magnet for progressive, ecologically-minded business practices. Our goal in Orlando is twofold: to offer business conversion support to traditional dry cleaners, and to sell more drop stores to potential franchisees that see the increased need for our services among the Orlando population,” said Salomon Mishaan, CEO of OXXO Care Cleaners®.


Converting Toxic to Safe & Clean

OXXO Care Cleaners® is bringing its innovative, GreenEarth® technologies to traditional dry cleaners in Orlando through its new Business Conversion Initiative. OXXO outfits all its operations with GreenEarth® technologies, a novel approach to dry cleaning that uses odorless, colorless, environmentally benign liquid silicone (that degrades into little more than sand and water) rather than conventional, toxic petrochemical solvents. OXXO stores can be built from scratch with the latest equipment, or older dry cleaners can be retrofitted and converted over to new technologies.

OXXO’s Business Conversion Initiative helps traditional dry cleaners replace their contaminating chemicals, old-fashioned steam boilers, steam presses, and other outdated dry-cleaning equipment used by most American dry cleaners today with OXXO’s automated, fully electric equipment, such as the OXXO European Style Shirt Mannequin and ATM-style Drop Off and Pick Up Conveyor. Technology: Storefronts and branding are completely revamped during the conversion process.

“During each conversion, everything old fashioned is gutted out and replaced with the same equipment a new franchise unit would have,” says OXXO CEO Salomon Mishaan. “Having converted some stores in South Florida, our experience has shown, stores can remain open throughout the process there for not losing customers. After converted, we’ve seen these stores grow their revenues and customer base  as word of mouth gets out about OXXO quality, convenience and ecofriendly system.

As OXXO locations continue to sprout and spread, the franchise is becoming a model for how traditional industries can embrace the needs of 21st century living.   To this end, OXXO is offering drop store sales to potential franchisees. Drop stores are supported by plant stores and can service just about any individual or business.

A host of hotels (Orlando attracts more than over 72 million tourists annually) are now participating in OXXO on-site services, allowing clients to receive OXXO dry cleaning via concierge assistance. With Orlando being home to countless condominiums and numerous universities, OXXO has arrived at just the right time. Customers can also use OXXO’s APP to schedule front door clothing pick up and drop off. 

“OXXO Orlando customers love our unique combination of services,” says Mishaan. “We provide a total luxury dry cleaning experience, and we’re very excited about the opening of more drop stores and supporting conversions in Orlando. Areas experiencing economic transformation alongside thriving population growth and rising environmental awareness are going to find OXXO is exactly what they need,” he added.

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